4 Personalized Valentine’s Day Wax Melts-2 White & 2 Pink-strong wax tart melts - soy blend wax melts - wax melts cubes for warmer - cheap lasting wax melts

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SCENT: Blueberry cheesecake & Vanilla

A great personalized gift for that special someone! Each creation is hand poured with All Natural Soy Wax. This mouthwatering delicious scent brings the scent of blueberry cheesecake without needing to bake! Yummy brown sugar and vanilla set the stage for the scent of pastry.

  • 4 wax melt packs in total (2 Pink & 2 White)
  • Fully Customizable
  • (6 cubes in each pack - about 3 oz each pack)
  • Free shipping on all orders! These homemade, hand poured soy wax melts are fragrant and long-lasting. The fragrance oil is non-toxic and free from carcinogens, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals. Wax melts are a safer alternatives to wicked candles.
  • I recommend using a tea light candle that burns a strong flame or an electric wax warmer between 25W and 40W (I hear plated warmers are more effective) to ensure fuller fragrances. I also recommend burning in a ventilated space, but not near something like a fan or window that would cool the wax.

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