8oz Feck Soy Candle Irish Candle St Patricks Day Feck Candle With Matches & Gift Box

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Green wax color

8oz Candle 

Cotton wick

Scent: Blueberry Cheesecake & Vanilla

This mouthwatering delicious scent brings the scent of blueberry cheesecake without needing to bake! Yummy brown sugar and vanilla set the stage for the scent of pastry. This Heart Shape Crystal Candle is heavy duty. Candle comes with a rose wax melt in the center for added cuteness.

The ultimate Irish Candle, Feck is a very mild, very common Irish word that adds a little flavor to what you are saying, for added emphasis it can be inserted as every second word,

Feck is used in many ways and is a unique Irish way to make fun of something or someone or also to express approval or disapproval.

Feck is probably the only fecking word that can be put every fecking where and still make fecking sense.

Made with 100% plant based,  all natural premium soy wax, We use premium fragrances and essential oils that are specifically formulated for use in candles, which are phthalate-free, cruelty-free and contain no harmful substances or chemicals. Our products are all paraffin free.

All of our products are made by hand so slight variations may occur, and are natural. 

Comes in a decorative, reusable jar that can be used to hold jewelry, makeup brushes, pens, and much more! Customer service is our #1 priority; we strive to respond to all messages within one business day, and if any issues/concerns ever arise with an order we are happy to help!

-Endless customization options; pick from one of the premade designs in our shop or message us to create something completely unique just for you.

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