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The pictures get printed on real wood. The shape of the wood piece can be different, usually it is uneven oval-round-ish shape. Pictures will be cropped in order to fit onto wood. If the photo of your choice doesn't work (has been previously cropped, or not centered enough to keep the main message) we will give you an option to choose another photo or to put the existing one on the background to get more space for cropping around it.

We print all kinds of pictures: old, grainy, a photo of a photo as well as professional photography. If you are okay with the quality of your photo: we are more than happy to print it for you. That is how it will come out on wood as well.

The wood does contribute to the color of the photo. Some white colors might get slightly beige. Our method of printing keeps the maximum color as well as the rustic vibe and a special touch.

Horizontal photos will be placed horizontally, and vertical photos will be placed vertically.

Since the piece is from a real tree the pieces size may vary along with wood texture. Wood may have some spots. Sometimes the spots are visible through the photo.

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