Mom Life Candle: A Combo Of Poop, Puke, And I Love You's 8oz Candle

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Yellow wax color

8oz Coconut-Soy Candle 

Cotton wick

A warm, sunny aroma of sweet pineapple and fresh coconut, highlighted with palm leaf, soft pear, and tropical island get-a-ways.


Indulge in the luxurious aroma of Jamaica Me Crazy with this premium coconut-soy wax candle. This scent is a perfect blend of tropical fruits, coconut, and rum, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a Caribbean vacation. The top notes of juicy pineapple and ripe mango are complemented by the sweet aroma of papaya and a hint of banana. As the candle burns, the heart notes of coconut and rum give way to a smooth base note of vanilla, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

 Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere or a tropical paradise, this luxury candle is sure to transport you to the white sandy beaches of Jamaica. Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate sensory experience with this unforgettable scent. Order now and bring the essence of Jamaica Me Crazy into your home.

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