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The Alabama Brawl August 5th 2023

The Montgomery Riverfront in Alabama witnessed an unusual event on a seemingly normal Saturday. At around 7 p.m., a brawl erupted on the dock due to a disagreement over a pontoon boat parked in a spot reserved for the Harriott II Riverboat. A security guard tried to resolve the issue by contacting one of the pontoon boat owners, but the situation quickly got out of hand.

The initial confrontation involved a shirtless man and another man who seemed to be wearing a uniform. As the tension rose, two more shirtless men joined in and attacked the uniformed man. Some bystanders tried to help the man being attacked, but their intervention only made things worse. A full-scale brawl broke out, with about ten people fighting on the dock. They threw punches at each other, and at one point, a woman was even thrown into the water as a riverboat approached. A man was also hit over the head with a chair.

The fight continued until security and police were able to intervene. Several people were taken into custody by the Montgomery Police Department, who stated that “several subjects had been detained and charges are pending.” Four active warrants have been issued, and more may follow after additional video evidence is reviewed.

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